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Available Aquaculture Equipment from Lauren Farms

Lauren Farms is a proud supplier of the AIRE-O2 aeration system, created by Aeration Industries International, Inc. This worldwide leader in aeration systems and expertise offers aquaculturists the premier aeration system for all your water quality management needs. The AIRE-O2 series II aerator is a high quality, minimal maintenance unit with proven, superior performance, all at an economic price.

Lauren Farms will recommend the suitable aerator for your pond after a thorough analysis of your pond size, depth and electrical source.  Made and assembled in the USA.


We offer a complete line of YSI Oxygen Meters.    These meters are ECONOMICAL, SPLASH RESISTANT, and VERY RELIABLE.  They are very easy to operate and come with digital displays of DO and temp.



We offer a complete line of LaMotte Aquaculture and Aquarium testing products.   For raising freshwater prawns and catfish, a Water Quality Test Kit and PH Meter are essential.  Lauren Farms will assist you in the correct water parameters.


At Lauren Farms, we only sell products that we use and trust. For a full listing of the aquaculture products we offer, please download our catalog here. If you wish to place an order, give us a call at 662-390-3528 and we will be happy to assist you.

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